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What to Expect

The area, which is home to a variety of animals, offers spectacular views and a number of hiking trails and 4×4 tracks to explore. (Ask for our 4x4 map at reception when you check in) This sensational landscape is home to Namibia’s uniquely adapted desert elephant, with its longer legs and smaller tusks, which are frequent visitors to the area. These and a number of larger plains game, reptiles and invertebrates are abundant on the Grootberg Plateau and river valleys that carve deep furrows into the landscape, waiting to be discovered by those passing through.

All seven comfortable camp sites can easily accommodate eight persons, with ample designated areas for four tents or vehicles with roof-top tents. The Group campsite can take up to 14 guests and have male & female ablution facilities.

Each campsite boasts its own kitchen facilities with running water and BBQ facilities with abundant space for setting up camp. As part of the mission of the conservancy, careful thought and emphasis have been placed on minimising the impact to the environment.  Please note, the campsites do not offer power points to charge phones or camping fridges.

Ablution facilities, with flush toilets, are cleverly hidden amongst the rocks and the BBQ area doubles as a “donkey” system, that warms water for showers while you enjoy the companionship around the fire and preparing your meat for dinner.

The Hoada Campsite:
#Khoadi //Hoas conservancy (Damara-Nama for corner of the elephant). The name of the campsite, Hoada, is a Damara-Nama term for “everybody”. This embodies the spirit of the entire conservancy, benefiting the community, the environment and tired, dusty travelers alike.

Our Facilities

Each campsite offers:
  • Camping for up to 8 people (Our group campsite can take up to 14 people.)
  • 4 Comfort tents (Closed till February 2022)
  • Abundant space for either rooftop or ground tents
  • Kitchen area
  • Outside shower with warm water
  • Flush-toilet
  • Our friendly staff will be there to help you set up tents, gazebos and assist with starting your fire.
  • The campsite also boasts a communal splash pool that offers a welcome respite from the summer heat. 
  • You can pre-order BBQ packs if you make your booking. Please ask for more details when making your booking

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