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Damara Cultural Walk

Join this guided tour and experience the authenticity of the local life, by visiting the surrounding conservancy farms and homesteads of the Damara people. The Damara have a rich cultural history, as they were one of the earliest groups to inhabit the regions of central and north-western Namibia. They have a strong cultural identity and are known for their distinct clothing and jewellery.
Your guide will take you to a number of local households, where you can appreciate how they build houses, prepare their food, heal with traditional medicines and manufacture artefacts. This tour will give you an exclusive look into their lives while spending time with them and learning about their origins, culture, traditions, and their approach to the ever-present human-wildlife conflict.
The reality of farming alongside the threat of wildlife in the area as well as in these harsh desert conditions is a testament to their resilience and dedication to their way of life.
Comfortable shoes are a requirement on this excursion, as there is a significant amount of walking involved.
    Departure: Enquire at reception.
    Duration: A minimum of two hours.

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