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Journey’s Namibia and the ≠Khoadi //Hôas Conservancy have a strong commitment to bettering the lives of others, both human and animal, in our role as custodians of this remarkable area. We work together to create funding across the board to improve the well-being of the community and the conservation of the environment.

Please see details of our efforts below:

Grootberg Lodge Education Fund

Initially established to benefit and uplift the community, Grootberg Lodge has initiated various programs to improve the lives of those within the conservancy. At present, the lodge provides direct employment to over 60 individuals, and the conservancy supports an additional ten employees. This significant workforce helps support numerous families within the community.

One programme, as mentioned above, is the scholarship fund, securing the future of our children from these underprivileged regions. A committee, comprised of community members and Grootberg Lodge management, oversees the process and diligently evaluates each application to support those facing the most challenges.

This fund focuses on those families or children that have hardships which cannot be navigated without assistance. In particular, the trustees grant those with greater needs funding first, with examples below:

  • Orphans,
  • Those within foster families,
  • Disabled children,
  • Single-parent households with the stronger emphasis on female single parents,
  • Families with a high number of children.

There are only two schools in the area, and the distances between these and the children can sometimes be significant. This then necessitates additional expenses for staying in a hostel during the school terms, away from their family, as well as traveling costs. The conservancy considers applications such as these in addition to the below costs, supporting the families where possible.

Supporting a child at school is a costly endeavour for any parent, without taking into account the wear and tear or uniforms and shoes or growth of the child, damage or loss of books, and any additional items that the child might require during their term time.

The basic cost of supporting a student at primary school annually is approximately N$1,133.00, made up of the following:

  • N$333.00 for hostel fees.
  • N$500.00 for the school uniform.
  • N$300.00 for stationery.

The cost of supporting a student at secondary school is a minimum of N$3,150.00 annually. This basic sum consists of:

  • N$900.00 for school fees.
  • N$750.00 for hostel fees.
  • N$1,000.00 for the school uniform.
  • N$500.00 for stationery and books.

Moreover, there is the pressing matter of renovating these schools, which are currently in desperate need of relief. Particularly, the Eduard Garoeb Primary School and its hostel require urgent support, as there is only one toilet for over 250 students, and the dormitory beds lack mattresses. In addition to the aforementioned items, we also plan to renovate the classrooms, kitchen area, and dormitories. With these critical needs in mind, as well as the essential structural renovations, we aim to raise approximately N$1,000,000.00 to benefit the school and its students.

Should you wish to add your support in advancing the education of the children in the ≠Khoadi //Hoas Conservancy through a contribution to the Grootberg Lodge Education Fund, you can do so. Donating 1% of your bill or any amount of your choice will be highly appreciated and will help us keep a child in school or renovate the educational facilities.

For more details or to get involved, please feel free to reach out to Simonetta Musso, HR Director at Journeys Namibia, or Asser Ndjitezeua, Chairman of the Conservancy. Your generosity will make a significant difference in the lives of these children and the community as a whole. Thank you for considering this opportunity to support education in our region.

Wildlife Fund

Thanks to the success of the conservation efforts of the conservancy, wild animal populations have shown a steady increase in the conservancy.

This increase was not only limited to herbivores. Larger carnivores have showed an increase in numbers as well. As a result incidents of livestock lost to these predators caused growing incidents human/wild animal conflict within the reserve. The conservancy in partnership with the Grootberg Lodge Management has created a plan to lessen the impact of Human/ wild animal conflict.

With the establishment of the Predator’s Fund, Grootberg Lodge donates N$50 to the fund for each guest’s sighting of a predator while on an activity at the lodge. Lion, cheetah, leopard, wild cat, caracal and spotted hyena are included in the arrangement and the fund has been set up in order to compensate losses from farmers.

The secondary purpose for this fund is to generate enough capital to start a collaring campaign of lions. Collared lions are easier to monitor which would therefore assist the conservancy in notifying the local farmers when the predators are in the area. With forewarning, farmers can move their cattle accordingly helping to prevent any losses.

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